The V3 Motorized Dolly

The V3 aka Dolly Parton is together with my merlin telescope mount a 3-axis motorized timelapse dolly. It´s driven by a worm geared windshield motor from an old car and pulled back and forth using the “omega drive” method using abec 7 skatewheel bearings, a belt and the main pulley. The rig is operated from the MX2 dolly engine. It´s able to run continuously or with the SMS (shot-move-shot)method, so far only the dolly itself is controlled with the MX2 but it is able to run everything, including 2-axis motion from the merlin and trigger the intervals from the camera. I´ll fix me the camera cable soon but plugging the merlin to the MX2 remains for future projects, as of now it´s controlled with it´s original remote manually. I use a 12V 7ah heavy duty battery to power the system. It runs for a long time if the rig is used only for timelapse. The motor is powerful enough to do realtime moves for video as well, but for that I´ll need to install a few extra components..Which I will.

Update: I have the 2.5mm jack – 3-pin cable I needed for controlling the camera directly from the MX2 and I fixed motor amp issues by installing a power transistor to the system, Which means now I have a motor 3 times as powerful as the one recommended for thr MX2 but no risk of frying it.. Runs like a tank and can easily move the whole rig in an incline.


  • Aluminium – Relatively lightweight but strong
  • 1 – 3-axis motorized motion possible
  • Run by the MX2 Dolly Engine
  • Both shot-move-shot and continuous motion possible.
  • Belt driven with an Omega drive
  • 2.7amp powerful motor, allows realtime moves
  • 12v 7ah battery that charges in the car´s cigarette socket
  • Alternative 12v 3.2ah battery
  • 8 AA batteries serve as a substitute for Merlin mount
  • MX2 calculates direction, shots taken and dollycar speed
  • MX2 is able to control the merlin and trigger camera
  • Built with a wheel locking mechanism around track frame for extra steady shots

The V3 Rig:

[cincopa A4HAmr65uay2]

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