These Are Exiting Times

Behind scene footage from our second trip to the volcano at Eyjafjallajökull is up and ready.  Click HERE to see Daniel talk to his “model” and HERE to experience the ash cloud of the volcano first hand.

But now to “gamechanging” news. TrailerPark Studios is growing like never before, I have ordered the brand new professional solid state Sony NXCAM HXR-NX5 camcorder.  Haukur has also ordered the revolutionary Canon EOS 7D. Both cameras are able to film(amongst other things) native 1080p. Finally we can shoot in the ultimate format.

We´re planing a trip around Iceland in end of june along with our good american friend Chris and his buddy John. I havn´t seen Chris since Argentina so I´m very exited to catch up with him again. And hopefully we will get some epic shots in this trip with the new well appreciated filmmaking equipment.

I am upgrading my recently built jibcrane, there are two things that need to be upgraded, the seat for the camera, now it´s only an angle reaching out from the side, this means the weight is not at it´s best spot and it could be tricky to attach bigger cameras to it, and second the main axis head of the jibcrane, I need to build a tilt system for it so I can tilt the camera without actual crane movement. I have some ideas and I bought some parts, so now I just have to start welding and drilling again.


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  2. hehe ójá..það er möst

  3. Er að vona að ég verði kominn með einhverja bjarta prime linsu fyrir íslandsferðina 🙂

  4. ja klárlega.. þetta verður gaman, ég hlakka líka til að fikta í 550D vélina þinni, þar sem ég á væntanlega eftir að fjárfesta í svoleiðis fyrr eða síðar.

  5. Hlakka til ad búa til einhverja snilld med thér í sumar! 😀 Verdur ekki leidinlegt ad fá ad fikta smá hjá thér í thessu dóti 😀

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