Timelapse Photography

Here I will post all my tests, thoughts and behind scenes clips of my timelapse making. I find this field of filming very interesting and I´m constantly thinking of new timelapse shots and moves.

A few shots of my newest DIY project: The V3 Motion Timelapse Rig

[cincopa A4HAmr65uay2]

A quick paning timelapse test with my new Canon 5D Mark II


A clip where I´m trying to pull focus while timelapsing


Here is a behind scenes clip of me and Haukur trying out my new Lego “timelapse module” attached to the track dolly. Filming the volcano with Haukurs Canon EOS 350D at Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland. The result of this session is to be found HERE.


Here is a “jiblapse” test, using my jibcrane and the module for a jibcrane timelapse move. Shot with my Sony SR1.


Here is another behind scene clip of my first time trying a “jiblapse”. There I have the Canon EOS 350D.  The result was crap because of wind and module brakedown.


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