Total Change Of Plans

There has been a total change in my plan, I´m sorry to announce that I´m not going to filmschool yet. I wanted to start these studies and thought everything was setup, I was just waiting for it to begin when I found out the school had problems with accepting the payment plans from the Icelandic student loan agency. This was quite a shocker obviously but what can I do, nothing but move on I guess. I´m still planing to go to filmschool, it´s not off the menu just delayed.

Although this has happened I´m still getting some experience in the field, I took part in shooting a music video few weeks ago and next week we´re shooting an ad for Amnesty International. We´re planing to shoot it with the jibcrane/dolly setup and the NXCAM. And maybe I´ll collaborate with a studio called GOHO Estudio, they shoot documentaries and events. We´ll see how it goes.

Then after about a month or so, Me and Anna will move away from here as there is nothing left for us to do here, we´re thinking maybe Austria. We both like the mountains anyway.

I´ve put up a few ads on this website, now I hope it´s not too annoying and you don´t have to click on them, but if you do you´re helping me running this website as it is not free. So if you click on a few, thank you.


  1. jamm svona er þetta stundum..jæja, ja væri gaman að filma eitthvað snjóbrettatengt með öllu nýja dótinu… er annars að vonast að geta unnið eitthver freelance verkefni við film þarna í austria, við sjáum til..

  2. Nei, fjandakornið. Leiðinlegt að heyra. Þú kippir þessu LÍN veseni bara í lag og ferð inn í skólann í næsta holli! Austurríki hljómar reyndar ekkert illa heldur, væri gaman að sjá aðra og betri snjóbrettamynd.

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