I´ll name this post “Totality” because I´m throwing out this and that in it, but mainly because it´s the name of my current project.. or at least in English. The original title is in Icelandic:  “HEILD”. I´ve been working on the trailer for this project for the past weeks, in cooperation with Box Of Toys Audio that created the musical score for the piece and are as we speak working on the sfx. I´m rendering the final renders as well so when these two jobs are done I´m releasing the trailer. It will hopefully happen this week.

As mentioned earlier my Sony SR1 died the other day after 5 years of serving as a top notch workhorse. It was sad and I started to wonder how my brother Loftur was going to finish the documentary about me making my film, as it was shot entirely on the SR1. But that problem has solved because a few days ago I received almost the same camera from a friend that wasn´t using it at all. It´s the Sony SR11, smaller with bigger hard drive and stuff…. Nice one and much appreciated. I uploaded two photos of these bad boys..

I cant seem to get the bullet-time idea out of my head, I think it´s a sign it has to be done, but as I looked deeper into the idea I found a few problems that go with building a bullet-time/ timeslice rig, they are:

  • You need 30+ dslr cameras obviously (30 for a one second shot, maybe 1.5 sec if post frames are made)
  • You need to trigger them all through the remote shutter socket, not the usb (means you need a control board with all the shutter cables and a master switch)
  • You need to be able to connect them to a computer to store the shots in one place, through usb?
  • if usb, then you need an usb hub which runs(if it works) 16 cameras, so you need at least 2 of them. This + shutter wires means a lot of cables. (30 cameras = 60 cables)
  • You need to point every camera to the exactly same point if you want a smooth outcome, could work with a “cold shoe modified” laser.
  • You might need a multi-camera software for changing parameters in the camera as well as storing and saving the data to the computer.

So far I´ve supposedly resolved 3-4 of those problems. I still need to find a solution of transferring and storing the data on the computer. It is possible to change parameters on every single camera and shoot to the cf cards put in the long term that´s a pain in the ass. I have a copy of a program called Dslr Remote Pro, having many copies open at the same time works so one might have one open for each camera, I tested this with two cameras (photos below). No idea if this works with 30+.  There is another software out there from the same company called multi-camera, but it costs thousands of dollars, even more than the camera array itself, which sounds ridiculous to me, but probably because the service of making bullet-time is very specialized.

Below are a few photos of this and that.

[cincopa AcCAQwaDqs84]


  1. haha jamm, sorry með delay-ið…trailerinn er 99.9% tilbúinn, dettur online í dag eða á morgun…

  2. Jæja. Er ekki farinn að vera kominn tími til að sjá eitthvað? Skítt með Jón Ársæl. Hentu inn sýnishorni!

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