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We are moving into an office emerged with my friends at Borgarmynd Ehf which produced THIS amazing map of Reykjavik´s city center. There I have 24/7 access to a desk which I´m going to gear up with LCD screens, hard drives and such.. Good to be able to take work out of the home.

These days I´m working on the Trailer for the film and shooting city stuff, focusing on the night traffic/people, playing around with street lights and then the plan is to move over to the “downtown party” sequence, where we´ll be using the V2 for the first time, I still have to build the tracks for that dolly though, but I´ve tested it and it was very smooth.


  1. 62000 photos, ohmylord! are you grading every single shot?

  2. Coolies, good luck mate.

    I just went through the ‘fun’ of organising the 62,000 photos I’ve taken in the last 6 years into Aperture…

  3. I´m working on it these days, hopefully it will be online in middle of october..


  4. Yeah, where’s the trailer!? 🙂

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