Upcoming Project and Plans

I´m currently in the pre-production stage of my next project. It is most likely going to be a big one. I´m currently writing a script/skeleton and a location and shot list for it, I´m building together with my friend Julius a 3-axis motorized motion dolly out of aluminium, I´ve taken test flights with an aim on shooting airial footage with the pilot Atli, (another friend of mine) I´ve ordered many new accessories from my favorite store(B&H) both for the NXCAM and the 5D Mark II. Accessories include more batteries for both cameras, a batterygrip, a threestage 75mm bowl aluminium tripod, a smooth Varizoom fluid head with tilt drag, the Canon 50mm F1.8 aka: “plastic fantastic” or “nifty fifty”, a on camera LED light, a few ball heads and soon I´ll order a 7″ monitor that can be powered from the Canon 5D batteries +  accessories.

Ps: if anyone owns a Ninja/Samurai from Atomos or a Nanoflash device for recording 1080p 200mbps 4.2.2 colorspace video with a mid level size camcorder, please let me know the advantages, if its worth the cost of the device and how this footage flows in post production. I´m looking at this option because the 24-50mbps (AVCHD and H.264) in camera compression is not so sexy and very power hungry in post production. Comments on this topic are more than welcome!

My before mentioned friend Julius found a metal case from his father, a case full of 20 year old retro film lenses and apperantly there is an lens adapter available out there for Canon EOS cameras, would be very interesting if we could use them too this summer. I also found a nice little modified jeep that I have my eyes on as my ride, a vehicle that can access the highlands of Iceland, perfect for this project. I still have to find some time to upgrade the tilt system and camera mount on my jibcrane and hopefully build a bigger dolly with a seat for the operator and tripod + the ability to ride on curved tracks. I have some ideas of using this dolly + the other tools to shoot in 101 Reykjavik, both at night and daytime differently than it has been done before. Nightlife shots could be problematic though with drunk people stumbling around.

We´re planing to start filming in may here in Reykjavik, then move to the countryside in July and shoot the scenery, culture and nature of Iceland for about two months only with pit-stops at home for returning and copying footage. Editing and post production is scheduled in fall. I´m also planing to apply for the Icelandic Film school, and start in September. Well, thats enough for now, if everything mentioned above works out, then this should turn out to be quite interesting.

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