Very Busy..

I´m insanely busy at the moment, the roadtrip starts this weekend and I´m struggling to finish the V2 and V3 dollies in time. When I´m not sleeping, I´m d0wn in the garage building..  I´ll post some pics from these projects soon..

Update: The roadtrip for the shooting of NaturaLights(working title) will start on saturday 9th of july. It will go on for a month. We´ll head east from Reykjavík and start shooting in the south, probably somewhere in and around Þórsmörk. We have also created a group on Facebook for the project, click HERE if you’re interested in joining.

A BTS clip from the Grímsvötn volcano roadtrip is uploaded, check it HERE(I´m sorry I did´nt have time to subtitle it, it´s in icelandic)

The building process of my new aluminium dollies, the V2 and V3 is almost finished. I guess today even, so I maybe have a little time testing them before the trip. I´m only taking the V3(motorized one) with me on the roadtrip, the V2 is way to big to be traveling around with for so long. I uploaded some pics from the building, they will be here very soon.

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